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Mona ran Hanna over with a freaking car. Stole Hanna’s mothers money so they would come close to LOSING THEIR HOME. Then threatened her into doing awful tasks like hurting her friend by leading him on and then trying to make her RELAPSE with her bulimia by eating all of those cupcakes. Hanna’s…

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exclusive photo of bethany young and spencer hastings
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Bryan Holdman reveals Haleb/ Spoby teases for 5x16

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Spoiler: There is no “A”.  Every incident is just a hyped up hallucination induced by the several cups of coffee the girls are drinking every day.

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The Hastings Sisters


Supposedly the most intelligent girls in rosewood.

Still, they BOTH find dead bodies, and neither of them CHECKS IF THEY HAVE A PULSE.

Oh, please.

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When I realize that I’m about to go 5 months without a new episode of Pretty Little Liars


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So I’m gonna tell you the truth and you can do whatever you want with it. Maybe it’ll help you, maybe it won’t but, at least, you’ll know. I saw you the night Alison disappeared. I heard you fighting with her and I saw you. I saw you with a shovel in your hand. It felt, like, everyone whoever made the mistake of touching Ali was there that night. What’s that line from the tempest? ‘This island is full of noises.’ Then, I saw the body. I thought you killed Alison with that shovel. Now, I’m not sure what happened, but, standing there, that’s what I thought and I didn’t want anybody to know. I couldn’t look at her face so, I pushed her in and covered her up and I didn’t tell anybody about what I did or what I thought you did. Now I know it wasn’t Alison and she wasn’t dead when I buried her. She was a stranger and I buried her alive because I thought I was protecting you.

Our family has a gift for self-preservation. But there’s a point when you go from survivor to predator and I guess that’s what happened to us.

Goodbye, Spencer. I love you.”

Melissa Hastings, Pretty Little Liars 5x11 (via sevenfifty-two)
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Favorite off-screen friendships/relationships [ 52 / ? ]: Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn (Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers on Pretty Little Liars)

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So..on that night, Ali, CeCe and Bethany were ALL wearing the same outfit?

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Check out my account ♡ | via Tumblr on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/132915315
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